What Should You Know About Firefox Focus?

Available for smartphones and tablets running on Android and iOS, Firefox Focus is a privacy-focused browser from Mozilla. This browser, released in December 2015, used to function as an application for blocking a tracker for mobile iOS devices.

Why Use Firefox Focus?

Concerned about the privacy as well as security of your browser? Look no further than Firefox Focus – an easy to use browser allowing you to make the most of the private tracker-free experience.

If you are looking to enjoy protection against ad, social, content or any other tracker without having to switch from Safari, there are some useful steps that you need to follow to enable Firefox Focus for Safari.

This browser is the one that lets you stay unidentified and does an amazing job by preventing site trackers from occurring. How does it feel to know that this browser really does its job by sticking to its name i.e. ‘focus’. It actually lets you stay focused.

Using this browser ‘Firefox Focus’ will offer you a plethora of benefits. It loads in no time due to its zero tolerance not only for tracking modules but advertisements as well. It will serve you better at every step of the way.