Seamless – The Fastest Way to Order Food Online

Launched in 1999, Seamless North America LLC, previously known as Seamless Web, is a unique online food ordering service. It allows users to place an order for food to be delivered at their doorsteps. Moreover, it lets users make the most of the takeout from their favourite restaurants by the medium of their website or a mobile app.

Want to treat your employees with the most scrumptious cuisines that will leave their taste buds satisfied?

Look no further than Seamless – the most effortless and fastest way to order food online from the finest restaurants and caterers in your area. For companies (no matter what the size), it’s a useful tool that helps them cut down cost. In addition, it makes the process of ordering food online an easier affair.

Having started in 2005, Seamless was available to the individual users and their service is available in cities, including:

 New York City
 Boston
 Philadelphia
 Washington
 DC
 Miami
 Chicago
 Houston
 Austin
 Seattle
 San Franciso
 Los Angeles
 London

It was the year 2013 when Seamless and GrubHub accomplished their merger. They operate under the name GrubHub Inc. (formerly called GrubHub Seamless). A user can order food from the website or from a Seamless app installed on Android, iOS or Blackberry.