Cookpad – World’s Largest Online Recipe Sharing Platform Has Moved into India

Cookpad, a Japanese food tech company, is a community platform for people where they share their recipe ideas as well as cooking tips. The company: Cookpad Inc. operates ‘cookpad’ – the largest recipe sharing service in Japan with 60 million users making the most of this unique platform every month. moncler paris In fact, the Japanese company takes an immense pride in being associated with 40 million monthly unique users all around the world. puma chaussures Being a unique online platform, Cookpad allows visitors not only to upload, but search through original recipes created by the user. moncler pas cher As of April 2015, Cookpad had established its presence in almost every nook and corner of the world with a total of 50 million users. Has Cookpad really left its mark after moving into India? People who prefer cooking at home stay healthy. Not only do they consume a less number of calories and carbohydrates, they don’t seem much affected by fat and sugar. chaussures puma pas cher Cookpad has already left a healthy effect on the people of India as it works with its goal of improving people’s lives by allowing them to make the most of home cooking daily. Cookpad makes one’s life an easier affair by providing them a free online platform for sharing recipes with eager minds. Soldes Timberland You can even have a discussion about cooking with others in real-time and ask questions about the recipes (if any). ugg pas cher They believe that cooking everyday at home will improve one’s health and make them fit.