Cookpad – World’s Largest Online Recipe Sharing Platform Has Moved into India

Cookpad, a Japanese food tech company, is a community platform for people where they share their recipe ideas as well as cooking tips. The company: Cookpad Inc. operates ‘cookpad’ – the largest recipe sharing service in Japan with 60 million users making the most of this unique platform every month. moncler paris In fact, the Japanese company takes an immense pride in being associated with 40 million monthly unique users all around the world. puma chaussures Being a unique online platform, Cookpad allows visitors not only to upload, but search through original recipes created by the user. moncler pas cher As of April 2015, Cookpad had established its presence in almost every nook and corner of the world with a total of 50 million users. Has Cookpad really left its mark after moving into India? People who prefer cooking at home stay healthy. Not only do they consume a less number of calories and carbohydrates, they don’t seem much affected by fat and sugar. chaussures puma pas cher Cookpad has already left a healthy effect on the people of India as it works with its goal of improving people’s lives by allowing them to make the most of home cooking daily. Cookpad makes one’s life an easier affair by providing them a free online platform for sharing recipes with eager minds. Soldes Timberland You can even have a discussion about cooking with others in real-time and ask questions about the recipes (if any). ugg pas cher They believe that cooking everyday at home will improve one’s health and make them fit.

Does Untappd Play an Important Role for Your Brewery?

Want to build a long-lasting with your consumers? Look no further than Untappd – the largest community of beer enthusiasts in the world. Baskets homme Puma Being a mobile phone application, Untappd lets its users check in as they drink beers. Then these users can share these check-in locations with their known ones (friends and followers). As a brewery owner, it is very important for you to lay emphasis on relationship building. puma So, if you are serious about making it to the top, using social tools will show you the right path leading to immense popularity. bottes timberland There is no denying the fact that technology has taken a U turn as it has advanced to a greater extent. Even social networking platforms are playing their respective roles. Untappd is the answer to the combination of social media and people expressing their innermost desire for beer. Soldes Timberland Why should you rely on Untappd? Untappd provides great benefits to all brewery owners, including:  Ratings, Reviews and Photos  Badges  Engagement and Deeper Connections With all of the benefits listed above, it’s easy to see why Untappd is becoming so popular among brewery owners and beer enthusiasts. ugg femme For the latter, it allows them to know which beer their friends are drinking. timberland homme Moreover, it encourages users to try new styles as well as regions.

What Should You Know About Firefox Focus?

Available for smartphones and tablets running on Android and iOS, Firefox Focus is a privacy-focused browser from Mozilla. This browser, released in December 2015, used to function as an application for blocking a tracker for mobile iOS devices.

Why Use Firefox Focus?

Concerned about the privacy as well as security of your browser? Look no further than Firefox Focus – an easy to use browser allowing you to make the most of the private tracker-free experience.

If you are looking to enjoy protection against ad, social, content or any other tracker without having to switch from Safari, there are some useful steps that you need to follow to enable Firefox Focus for Safari.

This browser is the one that lets you stay unidentified and does an amazing job by preventing site trackers from occurring. How does it feel to know that this browser really does its job by sticking to its name i.e. ‘focus’. It actually lets you stay focused.

Using this browser ‘Firefox Focus’ will offer you a plethora of benefits. It loads in no time due to its zero tolerance not only for tracking modules but advertisements as well. It will serve you better at every step of the way.

Why Should You Advertise Your Business on Yelp?

Looking to advertise your business? With a plethora of options to choose from, you may find yourself overwhelmed as to which one you should opt for. It’s important for you to know that not every advertising platform operates in the same way or produce the same results. Moncler enfant doudoune pas cher These platforms, however, have the common goal of giving a boost to the online visibility of your business in front of potential customers. moncler pas cher Here are a few reasons why advertising your business on Yelp is a good idea: 1. timberland chaussures Great Placement Is your business already on Yelp? If so, you may have come across your company’s page is being full of local competitors from the same industry. chaussures puma pas cher With Yelp Advertising, you can easily be one of the businesses with their profile on the page of your competitor. That way you get more conversions. moncler sitemap 2. Desktop and Mobile Presence A lot of customers use Yelp not only on desktop but smartphones as well. doudoune moncler soldes But did you that your paid Yelp ads can also show up? Users will see your ads in listed search results on Yelp. Even though some of the most preferred forms of online advertising include Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and Google Ads, advertising your business on Yelp may the smartest move you make for your company.

Samsung Galaxy S9 first look

At whatever point, we discuss android devices. Samsung has been the part player netting the graph as far as deals. All things considered, Samsung is back again with all new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. The outline of S9 and S9+ is indistinguishable to their antecedents, they have the camera equipment overhauled alongside significantly more better choices which will without a doubt be a decent decision for clients paying special mind to a decent camera smart phone. bottes ugg As far as plan, Samsung has the unique mark sensor set right this time, just underneath the back camera. Bottes UGG En Ligne Lilac Purple is the new color which will snatch some attention. soldes puma chaussure The cell phone will likewise be accessible in Midnight Black, Coral Blue, and Titanium Graycolor. Another change that we’ve seen is the expansion of stereo speakers, that will improve client encounter while tuning in to music and watching motion pictures. Discussing camera, Samsung has presents super-slow mo recording at 960fps, double opening capacity on the back camera sensor, which is equipped for shooting at f/2.4 when there’s a lot of light, yet can change to f/1.5 when the smart phone distinguishes low-light conditions. With the introduction of two smart modes of clicking pictures in two different light conditions, definitely Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to be a good choice for all the camera phone lovers. ugg france Samsung is going to give a tough competition to Google’s Pixel 2 XL and Apple’s iPhone X with best camera and added stereo music experience. Samsung has gone a step ahead by unveiling Intelligent scan which is a combination of facial and iris scan. Samsung needs to make its advanced colleague, Bixby, more valuable, so the S9 gives it more powers. When you open the Camera application and flip over to Bixby, you can utilize the camera review to make an interpretation of content into an alternate dialect, see calorie tallies in different sustenance’s and even apply cosmetics to your face (which you would then be able to purchase, because of Sephora coordination). puma basket Bixby is still no Alexa or Google Assistant, yet these visual highlights could end up being fantastically valuable.

Now Gmail Android App Lets You Send Money Easily

In a new growth, on Tuesday, Google launched the capacity of requesting and sending money through Gmail. soldes puma The capacity, which was first just available on the web, has now come on the Android app also. Users now can tap on the ‘Attachment button’ in the Gmail Android app, and tap on the ‘Send Money’ option for transferring money easily utilising the Google Wallet. soldes puma chaussure On the Web, there is a small ‘$’ icon next to the compose button which helps you transfer money. puma 2018 basket On the Gmail Android app, it’s hidden below the attachment button which earlier just helps you attach files, videos, and images to email. puma chaussure 2018 It even makes use of the Google Wallet available on every Android device and makes sending money simpler. The money transferring process is really easy, and you only need to click on the ‘Attachment button’ and choose a new option named ‘Send Money’. The ‘Send Money’ option helps you request for cash as well, and the receiver will get the money without any requirement of installing an additional app. puma homme You can refill your Google Wallet utilising your debit or credit cards, and then send money as an attachment to every Gmail Android and online user throughout the world. Unfortunately, this feature of money sending through Gmail is unavailable for iOS users now, but it must presumably come soon. Bottes UGG Pas Cher France Additionally, it’s worth noting that this feature has just been made live for the US users only.

Mozilla Unveils a New Logo Along With Prime Redesign

Mozilla has ultimately launched a new design, logo, font, colour palette, imagery and language architecture as a part of its new brand recognition. timberland The company says that the new Mozilla logo strengthens that the internet is at the heart of Mozilla. bottes timberland This comes as an initial attempt made by Mozilla Foundation since its introduction in 1988. bottes ugg soldes Along with, Mozilla has also launched the Internet Health Report, which is an open-source step by the company for explaining what is happening to the internet’s health. Mozilla, last year in June, set out for refreshing its brand recognition under an open-source design project which obtained concepts and subsequently votes from the public on how it must redesign itself. The new logo is a transformed version of the real logo where ‘I’ and ‘I’ have been redesigned for looking more like internet elements. The new web font utilised in the logo is named ‘Zilla’, which is also open and free for use. timberland In a statement, Mozilla says that Zilla has a journalistic feel strengthening their commitment to compete in conversations regarding basic problems of Internet health. moncler soldes Aside from these, the colour palette has also been redesigned for flowing via various aspects of Mozilla’s brand recognition like design and logo. The language architecture incorporates copy lines on the right or below the basic Mozilla program or messages, event and team names which unify the activities and initiatives of Mozilla. doudoune moncler pas cher The organisation has also made imagery a crucial element of its brand recognition. In its statement, Mozilla says that since imagery is a crucial reflection of the richness and diversity of the internet; however, they have made it a crucial component of their system. For imagery to work, Mozilla invites designers, artists, and technologists for contributing to imagery collective, post that it’ll code curated animations, GIFs and still images for flowing into and other online experiences.

Telegram v3.17 Update Launches Custom Themes on Android

Famous text messaging app Telegram has currently added support for custom themes to its Android version with the latest version 3.17 update of the company. Users are given 3 basic theme options; however, they can select for customizing the look of the app according to their choice with the new Theme Editor which has been added to the app. Moncler doudoune pas cher The version 3.17 update brings along a dark theme to the app which might be liked by the people who do not use Telegram as a flashlight in the dark areas, according to the company’s statement in its blog post. chaussures puma 2018 pas cher For switching to a theme or creating a new one, users require heading to Settings -> Themes within the application. chaussures puma 2018 Users can also select for sharing the themes which they have already created with other users. Simply like bots and stickers, Telegram themes are the part of an open platform, and thus everybody is allowed to created a theme and dazzle with the globe with new backgrounds and colors, as per the company. ugg sitemap Now users can check out the custom themes created by other users of Telegram for Desktop and Android apps at its @Themes channel. basket timberland In fact, though the support for the themes has arrived at the Android app, the company says that the iOS users can also anticipate the support for being rolled out to them in a pair of weeks. Rather, Telegram has teased another feature for the iOS users, which it has referred to as really epic in its post.

Microsoft and Flipkart Confirmed a Strategic Tie-up in India

Speaking on the Microsoft AI conference’s stage in Bengaluru on Monday, Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO and Binny Bansal, Flipkart Co-founder and CEO confirmed that the two organizations will be partners on the cloud-Flipkart will uniquely be utilizing Microsoft Azure as its public cloud, according to Nadella. doudoune moncler Nadella also said that in the past 12 months, 2000 companies would have begun utilizing our cloud, and presently they would be introducing a strategic tie-up with Flipkart. ugg soldes He would have always admired Flipkart for the work it would have done in eCommerce and would be doing in logistics and mixing cloud platform and AI capacities of Microsoft with the present services of Flipkart and data assets will allow Flipkart for accelerating its online transformation in eCommerce. timberland femme Bansal added that provided strong reputation of Microsoft in cloud computing, paired with reliability and scale, this partnership would enable for making online shopping more appropriate and enriching for clients. vente privee ugg Flipkart, which recently crossed the 100 million client milestone, has a 10-year plan ahead, Bansal unveiled. basket timberland They would have to keep the next 10 years in mind and scale up to 500 million clients. moncler soldes To this end, Nadella included that artificial intelligence and machine learning is basics to changing business and Bansal spoke about how it can be utilized by Flipkart. doudoune moncler homme Microsoft Azure will add analytics and cloud technologies to the existing data centers of Flipkart and its worldwide scale will enable for continued development and expansion, as required.

Now MobiKwik App Is Available In Five Additional Regional Languages

On January 12, MobiKwik, the domestic mobile wallet major introduced 5 more regional language versions of its mobile app for the users. Timberland Soldes In a statement, Upasana Taku, Co-founder of MobiKwik, said that they would have introduced additional regional language versions of their app in Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Odia and Telegu languages. ugg pas cher This step even would next promote the adoption of online wallet payments in rural India. moncler paris At present, the app is available in 8 languages which include Telegu, Tamil, Punjabi, Odia, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi and English on the lighter version of the app, MobiKwik Lite. soldes timberland MobiKwik has also got the Bharat Bill Payment License with which the organisation will be strengthening the payments for all convenience and utility bills all over India. timberland femme pas cher Prior this week, the organisation declared zero surcharges on every transaction at LPG gas and petrol pumps. puma pas cher And this move will motivate more the customers to take the benefits by using digital payment systems. magasin uggs pas cher At present, MobiKwik is accepted all gas stations and petrol pumps in 20 cities which incorporate all major Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum and India Oil pumps in Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad among others. The organisation also powers online payments for LPG companies like HP, Bharat Gas and Indane.