Avatar Mobile Game to Arrive Ahead of Film Sequels

Before returning to Pandora, the moviegoers now will be able visiting the exotic world of aliens from Avatar on their smartphones. 20th Century Fox and Lightstorm Entertainment have enlisted Kabam, the game studio for developing an Avatar mobile game for launch ahead of the next 4 film sequels.

The COO of Kabam, Kent Wakeford said that the concept was to maximize the world beyond the big screen and make an experience that would be true to what James Cameron did in creating technologically the most advanced film of its time. That was what they wanted doing with the Avatar mobile game.

This multiplayer strategy game is ready to arrive in 2018 before the 2nd Avatar film hits the box office. According to Wakeford, Kabam arranges for updating the game Avatar sequels spread out each other year via 2023.

Earlier, Kabam unveiled mobile games based on some franchises such as: Fast & Furious, Marvel and Star Wars. According to Wakeford, the cost for producing the Avatar game will be continuously more than $14 million, the average expense of the previous titles of Kabam.

This original film of 2009 centered on the conflict between the blue-skinned alien race Na’vi of Pandora and the Human-led Resources Development Administration. The film sequels will explore other cultures and environments of Pandora.

Wakeford also added that for them, being able for coming out ahead of the film and starting introducing a complete new set of experiences and characters while the movie arrived and then again it would enable them to make a really engaging game, as the new films would roll out.