Seamless – The Fastest Way to Order Food Online

Launched in 1999, Seamless North America LLC, previously known as Seamless Web, is a unique online food ordering service. It allows users to place an order for food to be delivered at their doorsteps. Moreover, it lets users make the most of the takeout from their favourite restaurants by the medium of their website or a mobile app.

Want to treat your employees with the most scrumptious cuisines that will leave their taste buds satisfied?

Look no further than Seamless – the most effortless and fastest way to order food online from the finest restaurants and caterers in your area. For companies (no matter what the size), it’s a useful tool that helps them cut down cost. In addition, it makes the process of ordering food online an easier affair.

Having started in 2005, Seamless was available to the individual users and their service is available in cities, including:

 New York City
 Boston
 Philadelphia
 Washington
 DC
 Miami
 Chicago
 Houston
 Austin
 Seattle
 San Franciso
 Los Angeles
 London

It was the year 2013 when Seamless and GrubHub accomplished their merger. They operate under the name GrubHub Inc. (formerly called GrubHub Seamless). A user can order food from the website or from a Seamless app installed on Android, iOS or Blackberry.

What Should You Know About Firefox Focus?

Available for smartphones and tablets running on Android and iOS, Firefox Focus is a privacy-focused browser from Mozilla. This browser, released in December 2015, used to function as an application for blocking a tracker for mobile iOS devices.

Why Use Firefox Focus?

Concerned about the privacy as well as security of your browser? Look no further than Firefox Focus – an easy to use browser allowing you to make the most of the private tracker-free experience.

If you are looking to enjoy protection against ad, social, content or any other tracker without having to switch from Safari, there are some useful steps that you need to follow to enable Firefox Focus for Safari.

This browser is the one that lets you stay unidentified and does an amazing job by preventing site trackers from occurring. How does it feel to know that this browser really does its job by sticking to its name i.e. ‘focus’. It actually lets you stay focused.

Using this browser ‘Firefox Focus’ will offer you a plethora of benefits. It loads in no time due to its zero tolerance not only for tracking modules but advertisements as well. It will serve you better at every step of the way.

Google Chrome 50 Introduces New Fixes, Features and Improvements for Android

Last week, Google launched its browser version, Chrome 50 for Linux, OS X, and Windows and presently has ultimately begun making the permanent version for Android gadgets. puma chaussure 2018 According to the reports of Android Police, though the official application listing on the Google Play implies that the speedy performance and bug fixes, on Android the browser version also introduces the capacity of letting you select until while you want deleting the history of your browser. Until the V49 while the option directly erased every browsing history, now selecting it opens another browser page providing every general option like before alongside a new segment in which you can select until while you want deleting the browsing data. Presently, options displayed are beginning of time, last 4 weeks, past week, past day, and past hour. chaussures puma The updated Android version of Google Chrome 50 app is now available for downloading from the Google Play Store. ugg outlet france However, the application has not yet been updated on iOS. Last week, Google Chrome 50 for Linux, OS X, and Windows introduced many updates. doudoune femme moncler pas cher The Push API is updated by the version for adding push notifications payloads, which is implied for making deliveries of notification more effective by sending notification history at the same time alongside the message. puma basket The update will let the developers their notifications customizing with time stamps and buttons. ugg australia pas cher Websites have the ability to provide the users vibrating, sound and silent notifications. In Google Chrome 50, other new features include a declarative preload also where the developers of the website can let the browser know regarding the resources required for appropriately showing a page with the link rel = preload feature, considerably lessening the time of page loading.

WhatsApp to End Support for Its Symbian App on December 31

WhatsApp has begun informing the users of Symbian that the application will stop functioning on the platform on 31st December. Earlier this year, this Facebook-owned messaging app had declared that it will end support for some mobile OS from 2017, with inclusion of Nokia’s dated Symbian. basket timberland A notification regarding the end of support of WhatsApp for the platform has started arriving up to the users of Symbian globally. The message states that the users will not be able using WhatsApp after December 31, 2016 as WhatsApp will end support their phones. timberland chaussures The message is actually all about stating the end-of-life date for the WhatsApp app for the Symbian platform. For recalling, back in February, WhatsApp had declared the end of support for Symbian along with BlackBerry. moncler sitemap The company had suggested users for upgrading to the newest iPhone, Windows phone or Android before the end of 2016 for continuing using the messaging service. The company had highlighted how much the market changed in some years since WhatsApp was introduced in 2009. Earlier, iOS and Android platforms were running on less than 25% of the devices, while Nokia and BlackBerry’s OS ruled the market with nearly a 70% share. moncler Doudounes However, WhatsApp’s choice of pulling the plug on BlackBerry and Symbian summarizes how the platforms have lost their popularity. ugg pas cher Aside from Symbian and BlackBerry, WhatsApp declared that it will end support for Android 2.2 or below and Windows Phone 7.1. One of the biggest causes why WhatsApp will end the support is these operating systems are not providing the type of capacities, the messaging service requires to maximize the features of its app in the future. Achat Puma Soon after BlackBerry had said that it was hugely disappointed with the decision of WhatsApp to give up its platform.

Women’s Safety App ‘I Feel Safe’ Launched

On Tuesday, a mobile app named ‘I Feel Safe’ focused at helping ladies make sure their security in Delhi, the national capital was introduced at Delhi University. magasin uggs pas cher en ligne Union Minister Mr. moncler paris Harsh Vardhan said that women in India had suffered abuse and social criticism for centuries. It was imperative for changing societal mindsets so that all women of the nation would get the respect which was her due and would shine in life in her selected field, be it music, dance, sports, medicine, engineering, science or any other field of human endeavor. This mobile app, which is powered by Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust, is a personal safety app for the users of smartphone grown in association with MSAI (Mobile Standards Alliance of India). ugg soldes The application immediately includes a virtual panic button and the smartphone owners can easily tap the ‘Safety Ka Power Button’ 5 times for activating an alarm. The app doesn’t require for being invoked for the feature of safety alarm for working and functions even if the phone screen is not unlocked, Wi-Fi networks are unavailable, the SIM card has been removed and without the requirement for subscribing to a data plan. chaussures puma pas cher You can use this app across India on every mobile network and it sends near real-time updates regarding the mobile user’s location. Asha Devi, mother of Nirbhaya appreciated the motivation and support which this nation’s youth and the government had provided to Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust and the reason of Indian women in the previous 4 years. She said that it was her ardent wish that each girl must be capable of living a wholesome life and step out of their house without being afraid of violence and molestation. In an urgent situation, the app indicates the emergency contacts of the user with the latitude and longitude of their present area. ugg pas cher An automatic call is placed by it to the national emergency number, i.e. 100 and the area of the possible victim is tracked per 30 seconds and made accessible to their emergency call centre team, emergency contacts, who then reach out to provide assistance and for overcoming the emergency situation as well. timberland sitemap So, every woman is highly recommended to download this app on their smartphone for their safety.

Reliance Introduces Chillx Multilingual All-in-One Entertainment App

On Wednesday, Reliance Entertainment confirmed the launch of Chillx, its first ever multilingual all-in-one entertainment application. puma chaussure The deal was introduced with FunOnGo Media & Entertainment, a digital media and distribution company that is also being described as a telecom VAS (Value Added Services) company. The Chillx application has been introduced for Android and gives access to paid and free movies, short films, music, games, apps, and videos. Apart from English, the app features support for regional languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, and Telugu. The firm cites statistics for claiming that by 2020, 85% of smartphone users in the country will consume entertainment in local languages, the purpose behind the multilingual feature of the app. According to Reliance Entertainment, the Chillx app supports premium and free versions, with plans beginning at Rs. 49 per month. While some content is paid, some content is free and some content is ad-supported also. While not describing them exactly, Reliance says the Chillx app will enable users to select from different payment methods, with the inclusion of carrier/telecom billing. The firm proclaims that with the Chillx app, it has become one of the largest content distributors, publishers and aggregators in the nation, with over 500 partners, with the inclusion of Phantom Films and Plan C Company. ugg classic Basse While the application doesn’t need a login, logging in will give customisation options like interests. Users can log in through their mobile number, aside from their Google or Facebook accounts. Reliance also notes that the Chillx application helps users select streaming audio and video quality, with the inclusion of the capacity of setting high quality on good connections and medium quality on poor bandwidth. Users will be able to access both download and streaming options for audio and video content, giving an offline viewing option. timberland chaussures The Chillx app gives access to paid games and apps which users can try before buying, with a particular target on India-centric content, and suggestions will be given based on utilisation habits. Users will be capable of sharing content with friends through a social platform, with the inclusion of WhatsApp. The app also highlights reward points that can be earned by inviting friends and liking content. moncler soldes Users can redeem points while buying content in-app. bottes timberland While the Chillx application is available for downloading via Google Play Store, Reliance Entertainment says the application will come preinstalled on a smartphone of selected OEMs, and can also be sideloaded at chosen telecom retail stores. ugg outlet france The firm has already partnered with Karbonn, Lava, Intex and Micromax for pre-installing the app on their smartphones.

LG Introduces VPInput App to Help Users Control V10, G4 & G5 Smartphones from PCs

LG has introduced a new application named VPInput to allow users get the remote access to their mobile phones via laptops and PCs as well. The app is just compatible with the LG V10, LG G4 and LG G5 smartphones. bottes timberland pas cher Making this work, the users also require downloading the LG VPInput PC application (Mac or Windows) on their desktops or laptops along with the app on any of these 3 smartphones. ugg enfant It also needs Bluetooth connectivity and the program would not work for those desktops that don’t support Bluetooth. ugg classic Basse It is confirmed by LG that this program doesn’t support the Bluetooth dongle, thus this working is just applicable for Bluetooth integrated PCs and laptops. soldes puma After setting up the whole thing, the users will be able browsing via their V10, G4 and G5 smartphones from their laptops or desktops without requiring picking up their mobiles all time. The user will significantly be capable of controlling the smartphone utilizing the mouse and PC keyboard. According to the company, the VPInput application lets all LG smartphone users control their devices utilizing the keyboard and mouse of their PCs and it’s a convenient solution while you are at your desk yet want checking your mobile without any interruption at your workflow. The program also enables using functions like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V while inputting texts from the keyboard on the smartphones which are compatible to LG. puma basket This program will be useful particularly at work, where every PC and smartphone file could be accessed at the same time on one screen. moncler soldes Additionally, users can only continue communicating on IM applications and other chat services from a single device. timberland pas cher Screenshots captured on the PC can be sent to contacts via the smartphone also. However, this app is now available on Google Play Store for free download.

Google Chrome Grabs the Top Place of Desktop Browser

Google Chrome has won the battle with Internet Explorer and crowned as the top desktop browser. It has been estimated by NetMarketShare that in April Google Chrome had around 41.7% of desktop browser share, dethroning the 41% share of Internet Explorer. magasin uggs pas cher Even Mozilla Firefox had 9.7% of share. NetMarketShare reports that when it was about using browser software to access the internet from mobile devices, Google Chrome commanded a little more than 49% of the market. Microsoft also has stopped giving importance to Internet Explorer and started highlighting Edge, its new browser for Windows 10. Whatever it is, there is no doubt about the fact that Chrome is picking up the slack. We all know that around four years ago, StatCounter already announced that Google Chrome is the most-used web browser. And now NetMarketShare thinks the same. bottes ugg pas cher Although Edge has become better lately, it will not be just a cakewalk for Microsoft to dethrone Chrome just the way Chrome has done to Internet Explorer. moncler Hope, you have been browsing through Google Chrome for long. Isn’t it just superbly user friendly? Continue using it and let the browser stick to its current position. soldes puma sneakers Hoping for some more interesting browsers or anticipating what will come in the market next? Then all you have to do is just wait. Stay in touch with us for more breaking news on technology arena. moncler soldes We are always here to share interesting facts about latest apps and current technology news.

Apple Music Android App Brings Music Videos and Family Sharing

Last month, Apple got a widget of home screen for the users of Android as an update’s part for Apple Music application. Presently, the Cupertino-based tech organization has begun designing another update for its Android application, introducing support for music videos and family sharing. ugg sitemap The Apple Music for Android application with the version of 0.9.8 gets near feature balance with the Apple Music application for iOS of the company. The feature of family sharing helps users include up to 6 members for a cost of $14.99, i.e. Rs. ugg france 190 in India and share the bought content with them as well. Parents likewise can keep a control on their children’s buys this way. For the membership, the base fare costs $9.99, i.e. Rs. ugg enfant 120 in India. timberland Now the revamped Apple Music application for Android also helps users view the general videos as well as the music videos within the application. The app listing says that users now can enjoy almost thousands of music videos on Apple Music app and at the same time view the famous individuals featured in New or look for the music videos from their preferred artists also. You can download the revamped Apple Music app for Android from Google Play Store. The update of Apple Music app for Android introduced a home screen widget last month. With the help of this widget, the users of Android can play or pause songs alongside the option for changing to the previous or next track. timberland chaussures Additionally, the update helps users of Android include new songs from the catalogue of Apple Music to the playlists without having including it to their music library. basket timberland Gift cards are also supported by the application. You can access the feature from the settings of the application. moncler femme Prior this week, at its Q1 2016 earnings conference call, Apple disclosed that presently it had 13 million subscribers of Apple Music app, worldwide.

Now Click Better Pictures with Microsoft’s New Pix Camera App

Do you want to have a camera app which makes everything easy and performs efficiently? Well, then Microsoft’s new Pix Camera app on iOS lets you do exactly the same. There are no manually adjustable settings in this app and with its use of artificial intelligence you can have the best possible pictures with just a single tap. Though the photo-enthusiasts don’t find it suitable as they prefer adjusting every possible camera setting to their preference, this app is implied particularly for the people who just want to click pictures without any issues related to the procedure. ugg zalando An interesting thing about this app is that the app clicks pictures before you even tap on the shutter and captures lots of pictures always and selects the best one among them by analyzing the features like sharpness, quality; and the facial features like smiles and checks whether the person in the picture has his/her eyes open. prix doudoune moncler Presently Microsoft’s Pix app is just available in the US and prioritizes its target on people present in pictures after facial identification and modifies different features like white-balance, contrast, brightness etc. on its own. This app applies de-noising on the pictures with a collection of information from other burst clicks and improves your pictures in real-time. timberland homme This app also has a feature named ‘compare’ which you can see the variations made by the app in comparison with a normal click with. ugg soldes 2018 On its description page, the company says that every interesting motion in your shot can be detected by this app. It stitches together a burst of shots into a short looping video named Live Image. bottes ugg This feature you can avail on iPhone and iPad models which are iPhone 5s later, not like the Live Photo Feature of Apple, which is available only for current models.