Now Gmail Android App Lets You Send Money Easily

In a new growth, on Tuesday, Google launched the capacity of requesting and sending money through Gmail. The capacity, which was first just available on the web, has now come on the Android app also. Users now can tap on the ‘Attachment button’ in the Gmail Android app, and tap on the ‘Send Money’ option for transferring money easily utilising the Google Wallet.

On the Web, there is a small ‘$’ icon next to the compose button which helps you transfer money. On the Gmail Android app, it’s hidden below the attachment button which earlier just helps you attach files, videos, and images to email. It even makes use of the Google Wallet available on every Android device and makes sending money simpler.

The money transferring process is really easy, and you only need to click on the ‘Attachment button’ and choose a new option named ‘Send Money’. The ‘Send Money’ option helps you request for cash as well, and the receiver will get the money without any requirement of installing an additional app. You can refill your Google Wallet utilising your debit or credit cards, and then send money as an attachment to every Gmail Android and online user throughout the world.

Unfortunately, this feature of money sending through Gmail is unavailable for iOS users now, but it must presumably come soon. Additionally, it’s worth noting that this feature has just been made live for the US users only.